Formation, development and activity directions of independent political journalism in independent Azerbaijan


Article 4. Formation, development and activity directions of independent political journalism in independent Azerbaijan

By: Bahruz Guliyev

PUBLISHING HISTORY Volume: 80, Published: 2019, Issue 2

Institute of Philosophy of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Political journalism seriously influences state policy and ideological activity. Interaction between media and the state, which is the main element of society, depends on Azerbaijan`s modern information policy.Azerbaijan is moving forward on the path of liberal democratic development. The ideology of Azerbaijanism is one of the decisive factors in the process of constitutional state and civil society building. At this stage, political journalism in Azerbaijan is in a unique position, it is free, independent and responsible. Independence and responsibility go hand in hand in the activity of democratic political journalism. In journalist activity professional ethics lies at the heart of its identity. Journalism must observe moral and professional norms. Apart from spreading objective, unbiased information, the mass media must also execute control over government activities.

In Azerbaijan, political media emerged in the 19th century, with first newspapers fulfilling solely enlightenment functions. Migrant press was mainly based in Turkey and Europe and supported by migrant organizations and intellectuals from the Northern and Southern Azerbaijan. Migrant press was promoting Azerbaijan`s realities worldwide, advocating freedom, independence and carrying out an anti-Soviet propaganda. Party, Soviet press was replaced by independent, democratic political journalism when the Republic of Azerbaijan restored its independence in the late 20th century. Thanks to a successful state policy, the activity of the media was regulated by law.

A number of achievements were made in the field of political journalism:

* Azerbaijan`s political journalism integrated into the global democratization and information system;

* Independent, democratic, private, government and opposition press emerged;

* Use of information and communication technologies, Internet contributed to a breakthrough in the national media system;

*New political journalism in Azerbaijan exerted serious influence on the policy of modernization and public consciousness, promoted national and moral values, statehood consciousness and traditions of Azerbaijanism, and powerful Azerbaijan ideas.

However, some political journalism outlets in Azerbaijan faced the following problems:

*Abuse of independence, irresponsible activity;

*Spread of biased, fake, prejudiced information contradicting national mentality.

So re-establishment, modernization of political journalism in Azerbaijan had some similarities with the west and also some national, specific peculiarities. Socially responsible, morally and legally regulated, developed mass media, social media emerged under conditions of market economy. As a civil society institution, the new media were defending statehood values. Autonomous, independent and reliable media play a key role in increasing society`s national and moral, political and cultural level, ensuring national information and state security.



The article analyzes methodological foundations and political essence of political journalism as a social institution, as well as interaction of politics and journalism. Based on historical and philosophical, political study, the paper analyzes peculiarities of realization of political journalism in the world and in Azerbaijan.

It says that political journalism fulfills informative, communicative, ideological, cultural and enlightening, organizational, recreating functions. The article emphasizes the essence of political journalism, which extensively highlights socio-political processes, and says that political journalism emerged in the west in the 20th century.

The subject of political journalism is studied as society`s political life and policy, one of the civil society institutions, politics-journalism relations, different modern approaches to political journalism, conceptions and theories are also studied.

In political media area, the role of media power in realization of political processes is studied. Media power is realization of democracy in political decision making and debates through information power. In other words, media power is the power of political journalism, the unity of media, political and economic power.

The paper also points out the place and role of media political science in the political system. Media political science is considered as a new phenomenon in the former Soviet republics. It is characterized as a phenomenon embracing systematic political theory, modern comparative media science, media and politics. Media political science is also believed to be related to mediazation of politics and media political processes.

The article studies the impact of journalist professionalism, which is a crucial element of political journalism, on the development of political processes. Journalists’ professional ethics, civil, ideological and political views. Social responsibility, respect for ethical, corporate norms and civil society values, public control play a key role in political processes. Political journalism should have the following tasks:

1. Training citizen-political journalist,

2. Building a legal framework for ensuring independent, socially-responsible activity of political journalism,

3. Creating ethical corporate norms in compliance with political values and establishing a system of public organization control for ensuring observation of these norms.

The paper studies the history of the political journalism in Azerbaijan, ideological struggle among different political parties, political press of the Soviet communist party, problems of political journalism in Azerbaijan in the early 20th century. It analyzes peculiarities of the formation of political journalism in Azerbaijan in the years of independence from the perspective of political science. The article notes that in Azerbaijan political journalism acts as a factor influencing the society`s stable development, multiculturalism, tolerance, unity of interests of individuals, state and society, ideology of Azerbaijanism and statehood, national consciousness, political culture. It studies the impact of different party political journalism on political consciousness and political culture in the multi-party system. It also analyzes the relationship between the internet media and Azerbaijan`s national political journalism.

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