Ibrahim Kazimbayli
Nakhchivan University, Azerbaijan Republic
Iravan region throughout history has been in the composition of the Azerbaijan Government. Prosperity of Iravan city as a center takes the periods of Chukhursad higher Khanate and Iravan khanate. Beginning from XV century, starting from the junction place of Arpa river with Araz valley territory between mountains Aghrıdagh and Alagoz, which was known as Sadi and was used as Chukhursad . During the period of Azerbaijan Safavid Empire, at the beginning of the XVI century in this region was founded higher Khanate Chukhursad with Central city Iravan. The name of higher Khanate Chukhursad, which covered a large portion of West Azerbaijan may be considered the first general geographical name of this territory. During the Ottoman-Sefevids War in 1578-1590 Chukhursad higher Khanate was occupied by Ottoman troops in 1585 and on this occasion the monument named "Revan Koshku” was raised on the territory of the Topkapi Palace in İstanbul.
Keywords: Azerbaijan history, Erivan city, Khanate historical system, historical Azerbaijan territory.